Netflix's political thriller series relies on old, lazy tropes and glossy, exploitative scenes.
Rape is not "bad sex" or "sex gone wrong." It's rape. Believing otherwise upholds and feeds into rape culture and dangerously downplays the realities of…
An interrogation of the "ideal victim" myth in rape commentary, written for SHaME Research Group at Birkbeck University.
On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, let's look at how rape myths are a root of rape culture and gender-based…
From a lack of legal justice for victims to the overall treatment of rape, rapists and victims, our society lets down survivors of sexual assault. Our…
A first person piece about the realities of being drugged and sexual assaulted, and the pervasiveness of rape myths and rape culture in our society.
In just two sentences, Cressida Dick managed to deflect blame, shield herself from responsibility, exonerate a rapist, and uphold rape culture.
Victim-blaming and the exoneration of the assailant
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